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Postage for the MicroSet Clock Timer via UPS ground in the U.S. is typically about $20. Other methods or destinations will require additional charges. Foreign postage are commonly about $60. Foreign Post Offices may require a duty or VAT on delivery.


Click in a box to order that item.

Click on a model number to see the specifications
   MicroSet 3 Clock & Watch Timer, $325
   MicroSet 2 Clock & Watch Timer, $275
   MicroSet Watch Timer with simple watch sensor, $325
   MicroSet Watch Timer with clamping watch sensor, $480
   MicroSet Watch Timer Pro $925

Foreign orders: We can supply a "universal" AC adaptor that works on 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 cycles. It comes with four different plug types (click here to see). The universal AC adaptor is $10.
   Universal AC adpator, $10

Options available for MicroSet
Note: Some of these options can be ordered as "do-it-yourself" to add to a timer you already own.
   Do-it-yourself upgrades may require drilling new holes in the case and soldering to the circuit board.

   Built-in beat amplifier, $25
   Balance Wheel Amplitude, $50
          (requires MicroSet 3 or a MicroSet Watch Timer and Windows Interface software version 3)
   The Rate Finder, $60
   Data Capture memory, $50
          (requires Windows Interface software version 2 or 3)
   Internal TCXO timebase, $145
   Temperature sensor, $50
   Atmospheric sensor, $225
          (requires Windows Interface software version 2 or 3)
   GPS Mode, $195

See Software for a description of the software interface
Note: MicroSet is a "serial" device, not a USB device. If your computer does not have a 9-pin serial COM port, you will need a USB to serial adaptor, which you can get from us or a local dealer.
   Computer Interface, Windows version 2, $125
   Computer Interface, Windows version 3, $175
   USB to serial adapter, $25

See Accessories for descriptions of accessory items
   Standard acoustic sensor, $25
   Standard optical sensor, $35
   Premium optical sensor, $50
   Clamping optical sensor, $75
   Clamping optical sensor without the sensor, $50
   Reflective optical sensor, $35
   Magnetic sensor (included with Rate Finder), $35
   Flat disk acoustic sensor, $40
   Simple watch sensor, $50
   Electronic watch sensor, $40
       For Accutron or analog quartz watches (with hands), not digital display watches
   Laser sensor, $150
   Hairspring sensor, $50
    Temperature sensor -- see Options, above
    Atmospheric sensor -- see Options, above
    GPS interface -- see Options, above

To get the revision date and codes, hold down the PLUS button as you turn on MicroSet

   Upgrade Windows interface version 2 software to version 3 - $75
   Upgrade Windows interface version 3 software to the most recent revision - $35
   Add Windows version 2 software to a MicroSet 2 or 3 - $130
   Add Windows version 3 software to a MicroSet 2 or 3 - $180
   Do-it-yourself beat amplifier, $35
   Do-it-yourself Balance Wheel Amplitude, $60
   Do-it-yourself Rate Finder, $70
   Do-it-yourself Data Capture memory, $50
   Upgrade MicroSet 2 to MicroSet 3 - $50
        (you install a new program chip)
   Update the firmware in a MicroSet 2 or MicroSet 3 - $35
         Includes new instruction book. You install a new program chip
   Add the Rate Finder to an existing MicroSet 2 or 3 - $70
       (Usually you return the timer for this upgrade. Self installation is possible if you can't part with the timer)
   Revision date of your timer: Example:  05-29-01 sx
   To get the revision date and codes, hold down the PLUS button as you turn on MicroSet

 Slave Driver

   Slave Driver circuit, $75

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