Mumford Moco Standard Rotary Table for
         time lapse pans, object VR, and streak photography


The Standard Rotary Table is a 4" rotary pan head that can be controlled by the included Motion Controller and the Time Machine to move the camera a tiny amount between multiple exposures to result in pans of a time lapse scene.

You can also place objects on the rotary table and rotate them in precise amounts for a variety of photographic applications.

The Standard Rotary Table can be programmed to move in increments as small as .0125 degrees or as large as 360 degrees between exposures. It comes with an AC adaptor for 120 volts, and can also be run on 12 - 24 volt batteries. It has a 3/8-16 thread in the center of both the top and bottom.

The Standard Rotary Table can also be used to pull a dolly along a track. Click here to see a low cost homemade track and dolly.

Rotary pan of clouds over Santa Barbara
The Standard Rotary Table kit consists the rotary table, an aluminum plate to mount the rotary table on a photographic tripod, a computerized controller that lets you program the amount of motion for each expsoure, an AC adaptor, and an extension cable for the motor. An interface cable for the Time Machine is included, which plugs into the flash jack of the Time Machine. Your camera plugs into the shutter jack of the Time Machine. You may also want to get the optional camera head for mounting a camera on top of the rotary table.

The 4" diameter rotary table is solid steel and weighs 9.5 pounds. It's strong enough for any photographic application. You can stand on it, and it will turn you around. 

There is also an "Enhanced" version of the 4" rotary table for ramped panning projects, and a miniature 2-1/2" rotary table.


Milky Way by Javier Diez