Customer Testimonials

The Time Machine has been on the market since 2001, and is now used on every continent. The Time Machine has been used to shoot penguins and aurora in Antarctica and nocturnal creatures in the jungles of Malaysia. It's been used by many professional photographers on well-known projects like Planet Earth, MythBusters, LAX, HGTV, American Loggers, and others. It is used by police and the FBI, and by missile defense contractors at White Sands, New Mexico and Grand Prairie, Texas to photograph ballistic tests. It is used by amateurs to photograph water drops, pinewood derbys, horse races, and hummingbirds in the back yard.

You can see how other photographers use the Time Machine in these magazine articles:

     Reviewed by John Rettie in Rangefinder Magazine, June 2003
     Water drop shot, Popular Photography, August 2003, page 60.
     Time lapse, Zerb Magazine, Spring 2007, page 23.
     Birds in flight, Popular Photography, February 2008, page 64.

Here are a few comments from our friends and customers....

I have looked at your equipment on your site and it will easily handle the timing and triggering necessary for this kind of photography. And, having built my own, I know that your stuff is well worth the money, if I was to value my time at even minimum wage.
- Martin Waugh

You could write a book about this device, and Bryan did. I will never use the endless feature set of this device, but the one thing I wanted, it does, and it does it so well in fact that every time I use it I can't even believe it. I inquired to Bryan about his Time Machine and he was quick to reply to my emails (within minutes) and was even able to make me custom cords to adapt to my Pocket Wizard remotes.

After having bought a Time Machine and various sensors, I am pleased to say that I find it a great machine and have had an acceptance in an International competition with a water drop created by it.
- Alan

The Time Machine arrived two days ago, and we wanted to let you know, that we are thrilled. So far we just had a test run, to see if we are able to turn and push all the right buttons - and it seems that we do. Everything works great. We also like the design very much and the way the components were caringly boxed. We are looking forward to do some Time Lapses in Dubai now.
- Lars

- Matt

I love this technology ... very well done ... so far have created about 3,000 drop images ... still perfecting my set up etc. I really enjoy how repeatable the water drops are from your Time Machine. It is amazing.
- Kent

I just received my shipment two days ago.
Next days I'm going to do some test and will keep updating with you.
I am very impressed with your perfect work.
- Mohammad

Thanks! We are enjoying the Time Machine. It is easy to use yet very flexible.
- Giles

Been playing with the unit- totally rocks! Congratulations on an awesome set of gear.
- Noah

Thought I'd let you know...
Using the equipment you sent:
Drip Kit and Time Machine.

I entered a competition and won!
1st place!
- Frank

Having bought the time machine about 18 months ago...
May I say how pleased I am with the results of this wonderful little box & its possibilities...
- Ron

Bryan, I got the Time Machine and rotary table, and it works great! I wanted to thank you for all the thought you put into its packaging and shipping - down to including a 9V battery in the Time Machine, and such wonderful and easy-to-follow instructions. You are most welcome to freely use any of my clips at any time to promote your products - that's a standing offer.
- Tom Lowe

Huge, HUGE thanks are due to you! To have taken up the challenge of some nutty guy 7000 miles away, and not only succeed, but have a working unit built in about 2 months was amazing. And I can tell you flat out that it stands toe-to-toe with the big boys. I was invited to screen EMPIRE OF STONE and WHEREVER THERE IS LIGHT at the 'Widescreen Weekend' 70mm festival event in Bradford last March. Custom 2k renders in 2.35:1 aspect were made, and the results were breathtaking. Exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. The moves are absolutely beautuiful, smooth as glass on the giant screen.

I couldn't have done it without you. I'm forever in your debt!
- Grant Wakefield

Machines and dolly track are flying right along, the tests were successful, the devices are now being employed daily on the Discovery series American Loggers, season two. Copyright doesn't allow for me to show any clips at this time, but they have already greatly enhanced our TL compared to last year's.
- David

I just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU! To ya for your work in expediting my Time Machine. Its been a really great tool! I've been using it almost daily! Its many functions make it a really great asset to my bag of tricks! Thanks so MUCH!
- Jeremiah

I received the Time Machine last week and spent today using it as I intended. The product works excellent and I'm a very, very satisfied customer. In short it is nothing short of amazing and I'm only using the Shoot mode right now. I look forward to learning more about this device and will definitely recommend it. Thanks so much!
- Brad

I own the Time Machine and it is the best thing I have ever owned. Simple to use, digital display, well built and among the cheaper of them. I highly highly highly recommend the Time Machine. It was created by Bryan Mumford who always answers the phone and is happy to help you figure how to do things. It was created for Brooks Institute of Photography at the request of the head of the high speed photography department.
- Michael

Bryan - received the package this morning. I appreciate you getting it out to me quickly. I only had a little time, so I just opened the box & checked contents. Without looking the manual, I was able to turn it on, set a 3 second interval & have it start ticking away. I'd say that's the hallmark of an effective user interface!
Thanks again!
- Kerry

I received my time machine, thanks. I shot my first successful pics of popping balloons yesterday, with amazing repeatability.
- Pierre

The two other units I've bought haven't missed a beat and are working all year round. Thank you.
- Greg

I bought a Time Machine a couple of years ago and have enjoyed it very much.
Thanks for making a very useful product.
- Bill

Just a quick email to say thank you for the Time Machines. They made it to the Isle of Man in one piece and both machines haven't missed a beat in the past two weeks! They're very simple to use, I'm really pleased with them!
- Neil

I am a happy owner of a Time Machine that I have used with Canon DS Mk II and Nikon D-70 + D300. I am shooting many timelapses for HD stock and commercial clients. Besides that - I just love it.. turning a hobby profitable is always nice:) Thanks for creating such rare and wonderful products!
- Doug

Machine is working great many thanks! Real treat to be working with this very effective, yet straight forward unit. Top work. Thanks again for everything Bryan - machine is great!
- Nick

Bryan I just received notification from UPS with my tracking number. I do appreciate you expediting this out to me. In my business it's sad to see some efforts in customer service. You certainly go out of the way to accommodate your customers.
Thank you,
- Michael

Thanks a lot Bryan, the rotary table is bullet proof. It is a treat to work with compared to my other one.
- Shawn

I currently use one of your Time Machines for industrial time-lapse photography. The Time Machine is a great product and has led me to use it for a variety of applications.
- Richard

I purchased one of your Time Machine units several months ago, and thank you, it is GREAT !
- David