Mars Clock

  Keeps 24 hour mean solar time on the planet Mars

Keep track of what time of day it is at the Mars Rover or Phoenix Lander sites. A Martian day is very close to an Earth day --- about 24 Earth hours plus 39-1/2 minutes. This means a normal quartz clock can't keep Martian time. We have created a quartz clock with a timebase adjusted to conform to mean Mars time. The clock divides the Martian day into 24 hours. Once you have set the clock to the local Mars time at one of the Mars lander locations, you can tell at a glance what time of Martian day it is for the mission site.

The clock has a 24 hour dial with a seconds hand and runs on one "AA" battery. The clock is hand-tuned to run within one or two seconds per week of the mean Martian rate.

Our Mars clock has been ordered by Nasa to assist the ground crew of the Phoenix Lander mission.

The current Martian time at the Rover landing sites can be found at the Nasa web site:

The home page of the Phoneix Mars Mission is here:

To place an order please use the Order Page.

I also make an analog Sidereal Clock that shows "star time", an astronomical Year Clock with one hand that takes a year to go around, and a Set of Three clocks that show standard time, universal time, and sidereal time.


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