Popping balloons

These pictures were taken with an Olympus E-10 digital camera and The Time Machine. For these images, a microphone was plugged into The Time Machine, which was configured to fire a Vivitar 283 electronic flash as soon as the sound of the popping balloon reached the microphone. In a dark room, the shutter was opened and I popped the balloons with a pin.


This ballon is classic. It worked well.

This balloon didn't work well because the microphone was too far away. It took so long for the sound to reach it that the balloon had mostly collapsed by the time the flash fired. The microphone was about three feet from the balloon.

This picture did not turn out well because I let the flash be as bright as possible. This means it was on too long, and the balloon blurred. The flash duration in this picture was about 350 microseconds. In the other pictures it's about 150 microseconds. Even this is too slow for many things.

Another relatively successful shot.