The Puny Tune Museum

Here are some rare unusual Puny Tunes that are not available for sale.

Click on any picture to see a larger view.


These Puny Tunes are a boxed set, a "family" of small, large, and giant sizes.
They're made of GoncaloAlves with Ebony end caps.

This is a "lover's" flute. With two ends, two people can play it together.
It's made from Tulipwood with Ebony ends.


This is the World's Smallest Puny Tune. It's accurately tuned and perfectly playable,
as long as your moustache doesn't get in the way!

 This is a stone Puny Tune. It's used primarily for playing Rock music.

This is a cast brass Puny Tune in a velvet lined box.
It's used primarily for playing Heavy Metal music.

 This is a plastic Puny Tune. It's used for playing Disco.

This is a Puny Tune made out of glued-up layers of thick leather.
Mostly I play Kinky Reggae on it.

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