Make your battery electric clocks keep "perfect" time

The Governor allows Eureka, Bulle, and Brillie clocks to keep quartz-accurate time

 Note: We are no longer making the Governor.


The Governor is an electronic power supply for certain antique battery clocks that will make them keep quartz accurate time. It requires no changes to the clock, and simply takes the place of the existing battery.

The Governor works by turning the batteries on and off at precisely timed intervals. This causes the clock to fall into synchronization with the quartz timed pulses. No modifications to the clock are required, preserving the value and original design of the clock. After installation of the Governor the clock looks and behaves no differently, except that it always shows the correct time!

The Governor includes a high efficiency voltage regulator which allows you to tailor the voltage to your individual clock. You can also increase or decrease the amplitude by making adjustments to the operating voltage, The Governor runs on three batteries and you can set the output voltage from 1.25 to over 3 volts.


Shown at right is the base of a small Bulle clock with the Governor and batteries installed. For this clock the Governor has been fitted with AA size batteries. They provide plenty of power for the efficient Bulle movement.

Shown below is a MicroSet graph of a Eureka clock running with the Governor installed. The correct rate for a Eureka is 1.333333 seconds per beat. You can see the action of the Governor on this clock as the rate speeds up and slows down around the center of the graph. The cumulative error for this clock is 2.3 seconds per month, which is the accuracy of the quartz crystal. This is better than can generally be expected. Accuracy in the range of a couple of seconds per week is more typical.




Note: We are not currently making the Governor.



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