An Original Electromagnetic Clock



This clock is an original design of an electromagnetic clock. That is to say, it uses electromagnetism to keep the pendulum swinging. It is not a quartz clock, and keeps time (like antique clocks) by measuring the natural motion of the pendulum.

The cover is made with an ebony frame and glass panels. The base is flame maple with ebony details. A drawer in the front holds the batteries and electrical components. The dial is painted metal with a center seconds hand. The pendulum rod is black painted wood, the bob is a polished brass disk 4" in diameter. A small permanent magnet below the bob interacts with the drive and sense coils inside the base. The dial and pendulum are supported by two 1/2" rods of polished brass (the color of the bright brass does not come through very well in this picture). The clock is 20 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and has a half second pendulum.

This clock (and others) are sometimes available by custom order.

Bryan Mumford
Santa Barbara, California
September 7, 1998